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Yummy LOL  motto is simple

Imagine, play, eat, laugh and enjoy.

Yummy LOL offers so many unique candy choices & novelties that will guarantee to make your mouth watery and love to play, Laugh & enjoy.

imagine| Play| Eat | Laugh | Enjoy
We will create your imagination

Sour candy

Many types of sour candy incorporate naturally sour ingredients into the main body of the candy. Others contain mostly sweet ingredients but are dusted with acid-infused granulated sugar, or what many call “sour sugar” or “sour acid”, to make them taste tart

Compress Candy

Compress Candy is a type of candy that is made with a chalk like substance. A kind of candy like this can be the center of playing with your candy. There are so many unique ways that kids can find to enjoy this treat together and get some play out of it.

Gummy candy

Gummy & Licorice both come in different flavors. There are so many ways kids can play with this treat, whether it’s seeing how many times you chew it before swalling or handing an end of the licorice to a friend and playing tug of war. This treat is delicious but is also very playful.

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Imagine | Play| Eat | Laugh | Enjoy

We will create your imagination

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