Do your kids play with food?

Most parents try very hard to teach their kids to not play with their food. Eating while politely seated at the table is fine for meal time, but what happens when kids come across foods that exists as much for play as they do for eating? Between parental rules and a kid’s desire to have a good time, this situation can create quite the family standoff.

Our Yummy Slime rolling liquid candy may be the very reason for such a showdown. Moms and dads may want their little ones to sit quietly while enjoying a treat, but the Yummy Slime rolling liquid candy and its smack of sour just might have other ideas. It is meant for fun. It is meant for play.  It is meant to bring smiles and get laughs.

Luckily, there is some common ground here so the kiddos can have their fun and the parents can reduce the number of sticky finger prints left behind. It is called imagination. Instead of trying to eat candy in a civilized manner, kids can just dream up some fun ways to enjoy their Yummy Slime. Need some inspiration? Read on!

Imagine that you just got a job licking stamps for the post office. Your new boss just called, and she needs to make sure you are up to the task and getting plenty of licking practice. Use your favorite flavor of Yummy Slime to practice some sour stamp slurping.

Imagine that your tongue is about to fall apart within the next hour. The only thing that will save your tongue is to use Yummy Slime as a sour, delicious glue.

Imagine that you have been invited to compete in a whistling contest. In order to win, you will need to wet your whistle. Sure, most people just lick their lips and start their tune, but imagine that Yummy Slime gives your pucker some sour style to hit the perfect pitch. Warning: any dogs nearby will also want to get in on the fun once they hear those wonderful whistles. Make sure those pups don’t try to steal a taste!

Now it is your turn. Can you think of some other fun ways you can use your imagination when enjoying the sour goodness of Yummy Slime rolling liquid candy? Remember, when it comes to using your imagination, anything is possible.  You can pucker in Paris. You can lick in Luxembourg. You can slurp in Sweden.  Let your imagination take you anywhere you can dream up while enjoying a sensational sour treat in your own home.

There is a right time and a right place when it comes to playing with your food. Though good table manners are always appreciated, it is best to save those for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When it comes to enjoying Yummy Slime rolling liquid candy, feel free to throw those manners aside and let your imagination take you, and your tastebuds, on a tasty trip. When in doubt, remember to always play with your food.